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Creative Director, Designer. Founder of Wednesday and Lemon magazines.

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Founded with my longtime creative partner, Colin Metcalf, Gum was a virtual piñata of Pop. The second edition, shown here, came in an Adventure Team G.I. Joe-inspired, dual-covered box containing a 188-page book, a 44-page comic, 8 trading cards, a color-coded gumball dispenser, a ViewMaster reel of art photography and gummies provided by Puma, our sponsor. Highlights included pieces on Nancy Sinatra, Ray Bradbury, Chip Kidd, Interpol, Cornelius, Fred Willard and Mister Rogers. We even created limited edition art toys based on our Gum mascots. Anthem magazine called Gum "the most innovative magazine in years," and CBS said "Four stars. Must see to believe. Rod Serling meets Andy Warhol meets Willie Wonka. Like nothing else you've seen before or will see again."